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New School Year & Fabulous Teachers

It's been a really quiet summer at Grace Preschool and it's time to get busy again! Hardly anyone has been in the building for a couple of months, so it's been pretty lonely up there. BUT I know that the life will pop back into it in no time at all...In fact, when I finally closed up late in May after we had all done our part in cleaning and storing everything for the summer months, I was suddenly truck with the notion that the school building is much like Transformer: we were tucking everything into a nice neat little place and packing it away for a period of dormancy, and now it's time to spring back to life, unfold all those little parts and pieces and see what's in store for this school year!

New year means freshly shined floors, that distinct smell of new crayons, hopes, plans, dreams and the excitement that is brewing as we gear up to welcome our friends - "old" and new! Speaking of new, we have three new teachers joining us! We are typically blessed with very few changes to our wonderful staff, but various blessings come in all shapes and sizes and often when you least expect them! Three of our teachers last year had opportunities arise and they simply had to follow the path laid before them. We will certainly miss them and all of the wonders that they gave to Grace. We are super excited to welcome Mrs. Kim and Mrs. Lauren to the Twos room and Mrs. Dannell to the Threes. In addition, Mrs. Tina is exchanging her Two-Year-Old hat for one that fits a Fours teacher and will be in the classroom with Mrs. Mary Jo!

Fun Fact: The 2016-2017 school year will bring the number of years teaching at (and with) Grace or another preschool by YOUR Grace Preschool Teachers to a total of ONE HUNDRED AND TWO years. And what's even more astounding is that isn't even the grand total. Some of your teachers have "past lives" that I'm not accounting for. What an amazing and dedicated group of kind-hearted souls with whom we all have the pleasure to spend our mornings during the school year!

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