2021-2022 Grace Preschool Staff

1s = Jennifer Heath and TBA
2s = Lauren Nowling and Kim Walters
3s = Eric Bales and  Dannell Fogal and Katherine Israel

4s Program = Tina Almond, Mechell Mitchell and Leigh Oelmann 
Music Teacher & Office Assistant = Carrie Lyda  
Program Assistant = Katherine Israel

Director = Leslie M. Carter
Minister = Scott Grantland

We are all here at Grace because we love it! In the 2021-2022 school year, we bring to you a combination of more than 139 years of learning and fun at Grace Preschool!  And not only have we worked together for a long time, we have a combined 186+ years of experience in various preschools around the country.
The Grace Preschool staff is a TEAM. We work with our own classes but also as one cohesive unit so that every child and parent of the larger Grace family is known and cared for by each one of us.