2019-2020 Grace Preschool Staff

1s = Candice Hamilton and Jennifer Heath
2s = Lauren Nowling and Kim Walters
3s = Eric Bales and  Dannell Fogal
4A = Mechell Mitchell and Leigh Oelmann 
4B = Tina Almond and Amy Ballard 
Music Teacher & Office Assistant = Carrie Lyda  
Program Assistant = Katherine Israel
Director = Leslie M. Carter
Committee Chairperson = Violet Nemec
Minister = Reverend Jagger Eastman
We are all here at Grace because we love it! In the 2019-2020 school year, we bring to you a combination of more than 115 years of learning and fun at Grace Preschool!  And not only have we worked together for a long time, we have a combined 160+ years of experience in various preschools around the country.

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