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Grace Preschool, founded in 1969, is a part of the outreach ministry of Grace United Methodist Church in Auburn, Alabama.  While it is a part of the church program, the curriculum is not denominationally oriented; however, traditional Christian teachings and activities are included. We offer an environment that respects diverse religious traditions and values. Our mission as one of the oldest preschools in Auburn is to be a service to the community by providing a comfortable, secure, and loving environment in which every child will learn and grow under the supervision of qualified and caring teachers.

Our program is designed with the "whole child" in mind.  A thematic curriculum and related activities are utilized, addressing the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual domains of early childhood education.  "Hands-on" learning experiences appropriate for the developmental levels of the students are offered. We believe that learning should be fun and that play is the "work" of childhood. Learning and development objectives are addressed throughout the school year at each age level.


Each preschool class follows a daily routine that includes both teacher-directed and student-directed activities.  The schedules are designed to include large group activities such as circle time, thematic objectives, story time, free play (both inside and outside), music, and games.  Class sizes are kept manageable, allowing for small group and individual instruction.

Educational activities include:

  • Reading

  • STEM

  • Art

  • Manipulatives

  • Housekeeping

  • Blocks

  • Sand and Water Tables

  • Music

  • Cooking

  • Games

  • Dramatic Play

  • Calendar

  • Snack

  • Fingerplays and Songs

  • Special Visitors

  • Monthly Chapel (for Fours)

  • Occasional Fieldtrips (for Fours)

These activities are designed to:

  • Introduce and reinforce new concepts

  • Develop critical thinking skills

  • Enhance expressive and receptive language development

  • Create a love of literature and learning

  • Promote readiness for kindergarten

  • Encourage recognition of developmentally appropriate concepts

  • Build self-confidence

  • Improve coordination

  • Foster independence

  • Encourage cooperation

  • Foster respect for others

  • Nuture creativity, discovery, and individuality

  • Celebrate each child's unique gifts and talents

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